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Reporter Opportunities: From the time machine shorthand reporting was first introduced in the early 1900’s, the legal market has benefited from the speed and accuracy associated with machine shorthand reporters. Today, your real-time skills are also being utilized for medical transcription, education assistance and, perhaps most visibly, for providing captions to movies, television shows, and news programming throughout the world.


Speche’s technology is yet another example of your expanding opportunities as a real-time writer. Economic factors and world unrest have led to a growing need for remote participation in deposition and courtroom proceedings.Speche Logo In addition, for all the same reasons that television captions have become such an integral part of our daily lives, there is a serious need for real-time captioning over the Internet. As our world becomes more and more dependent upon the Internet for news and information, it becomes crucial that we provide access to that information to everyone, including the deaf and hard-of-hearing.


The entire Speche technology platform is dependent on the initial real-time feed from a captioner or reporter. That means our opportunities are yours as well. Here are just a few:


Internet Depositions: Attorneys and their support staff have grown dependent upon reporter’s real-time capabilities. Real-time depositions and courtrooms are no longer the exception, they are the rule. But thanks to the changing economic times and the added inconvenience of today’s air travel, participants in the legal arena are choosing to stay put. While their travel plans have changed, their demand for real-time access has not.


Speche’s new transcript delivery capabilities now bring the benefits of your real-time skills to viewers anywhere in the world… instantly. Page numbers, line numbers, and even timestamps, are delivered along with your real-time text in a traditional transcript format. And, most importantly, like all of Speche’s applications, it is all delivered instantly without any firewall restrictions! Product Tour


Webcasts: Webcasts, by definition, are Internet broadcasts designed to address a large audience. What is streamed over the Internet can be audio, video and/or text. When text is involved as part of a multimedia presentation, it is important that it be synchronized with any other media being delivered. But don’t worry about that part; we’ll take care of it.


With today’s global thirst for real-time information, more and more media events are being streamed over the Internet. Shareholder meetings, analyst calls, major product announcements, and world news events are examples of video and audio events being streamed online. Sounds a lot like television, doesn’t it? The difference is that with television, programming must be captioned for the benefit of the deaf or hard-of-hearing.


With the booming popularity of the Internet, similar captioning needs are now rising there as well. In fact, a recent amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Rule 508, lays the same type of groundwork for captions on the Internet that the original Act laid for television captioning. The demand is coming… that’s where we come in; Speche and real-time reporters. You provide the input, we’ll provide the delivery. The possibilities are endless. Product Tour


Remote CART:When speaking with reporters, no one is more passionate about their work than a CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) reporter. Each will tell you that it’s due to the bond that develops out of personal connection and a mutual respect between the reporter and their client. Unfortunately, the economic realities associated with CART services often mean that individuals in need of this type of service cannot obtain it and the cost of travel and associated time requirements for the reporter are usually the sticking points.


Enter Speche Communications. As long as your prospective client has access to the Internet and can provide you a phone/audio feed from their event, you can now deliver the same quality service to your remote clients as you do to the ones next door. And while the “at your side” personal connection may not be there, your client’s smile will be just as broad. Product Tour


Like Internet Depositions and Webcasts, remote CART opportunities are growing everyday. Schools, corporations and government institutions are embracing CART as a viable means to assure equal access.


Let Speche help you open the doors to a whole new world of opportunity.

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